3D animation offers fascinating opportunities and whole new worlds. Moving images capture your interest. Animation can be used to illustrate, teach and entertain.

For example, product installations can be shown beforehand , or complex procedures can be simplified using 3D animation. An animated logo can also be a good way to strengthen a brand image across presentations, videos and websites.

Enable advanced 360˚ 3D animation. The viewer is in the centre of the action and is able to decide where look. Get the best experience using virtual reality glasses but you can also watch videos on your computer’s Internet browser.

  • 3D animations can help illustrate complex things

  • Videos can be shared in many channels; website, internet, YouTube…

  • 360˚ 3D-animation to be viewed with virtual glasses

Samples of 3D animations

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See 360˚ video with 3D virtual glasses or on your computer. A new kind of video format which puts you in the middle and allows you to look around freely. This 3D animation is displayed as 360˚ video with a multitude of possibilities. Architecture, education and marketing are some of the possible uses of 360 video˚.

Here are a few suggestions when viewing 360˚ video with virtual glasses:
– Select the video quality “2160s – 4K” in order to guarantee the best quality.
– Once the video has been launched, you have 10 seconds to place the smartphone inside the virtual glasses before the start of the actual simulation.
On your computer:
– Select the video quality “2160s – 4K” in order to guarantee the best quality.
– You can look around using the WASD- keys, with the mouse or the navigation button on the top left corner of the screen.
– If your browser does not support 360˚ video playback, try using a different browser.

Find out more about the possibilities of rotating 360˚ images here.


Stereo animation creates an illusion of three-dimensionality. We see our surrounding world as stereo.

To watch a 3D-animation, you need stereo glasses. They can be either disposable cardboard glasses or more advanced 3D-glasses.

With Fisplay Clooud you can manage contents of your screens everywhere.

When an animiation is ready, it have to be distributed into different channels. Fisplay Cloud is a content managing software to control all screens in different locations. You can share content to different screens and schedule screens. Screens can be gigantic LED-screens and smaller ones.

Read more: www.fisplay.com