Imagination to visualisation. Augmented reality will bring a whole new dimension to product demos, training, advertising and marketing.

Bring an advert in a magazine to life. Watch in amazement as a 3D house pops up from an interior design magazine or architecture brochure. Attract customers by demonstrating interaction or animation and trying out a variety of colors and patterns.

Test the limits of your imagination.

PLUS3D™ is ready to use app.

Want to showcase your product with augmented reality? Showcare your products with our own app, Plus3D™ Plus3D™ is ready to use solution to show your products in easy way

We can add your product to Plus3D™ app. You do not need to publish your own app to all platforms Functionalities can be added to products through animation. Plus3D™ is free to download from app stores.

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Augmented reality in a nutshell

Make an appointment 020 730 4970 ja and come in to visit our office in Helsinki. Augmented reality must be experienced and seen with your own eyes. After that, the world is no longer the same. Let’s brainstorm a augmented reality show that will stop customers in trade shows and product demonstrations. Let’s bring new dimensions in marketing or something else unprecedented.

Try augmented reality!

By experimenting with our augmented reality applications, you will best understand the possibilities that new technology offers. Our app works on Apple and Android mobile devices. In addition, the app is also available for download for Epson BT Series smart glasses. The app is available for free download from app stores.

Customer cases of augmented reality

JETTA-TALO -brochure

This is the first house collection catalog in finland that utilizes augmented reality.

You can download the application from App Store or Google Play in Finland. We created Funco™ house 3D visualisations, 3D rotations, an augmented reality mobile application as well as a brochure.

Augmented reality in packages

The caramel or tea tastes better when you have first got to play with the augmented reality of the pack. With the ready-made application, Plus 3D, it is fast to implement augmented reality projects.


Asura uses the Plus3D™- app to show new projects in their brochures.

Augmented reality brings print-based material to life by adding a new dimension. 3D models conveniently appear from flat brochures when viewed on mobile devices. It is a great way to add value, depth and information to a prospectus.

3D visuals, 360˚ views, or even 3D-rotation of the same model can also be implemented into a website, for example.


Lounea took the augmented and virtual reality applications to the fair to illustrate the functions of the Smart Home system. The 3D view and the people moving in it show what functions you can get in Smart Home system.


Lumon® is a balcony glazing and glass terrace pioneer. In the latest glass terrace launch, the company implemented augmented reality in brochures and advertisements to illustrate the operation of the new product. It transformed static, traditional visuals into ​​interactive, three-dimensional experiences.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality (AR) mixes computer generated imagery with the real world to create a composite environment. AR allows you to create engaging content and functionality which is visible on mobile devices. Advice3D specializes in providing a 3D AR experience.

Which devices can you use for augmented reality?

On a standard mobile device, smartphone or tablet with Android or Apple (iOS) operating system. Applications can be downloaded for free from various app stores. In addition to the device, you need a tag image or marker for the device to recognise and function with (Marker-based AR). It is also possible to use the surrounding environment (Markerless AR).

What is a Marker image?

The marker image is a surface that the app recognizes via your device. A 3D model attaches itself to the marker and can be viewed from different directions. The marker can be an image, a box, a cylinder or other object. It can be added for example to a presentation or as a sticker, to a wall.

Where can you use augmented reality?

There are many uses. Printed material such as catalogues and brochures are brought to life with augmented reality. Infographics, illustrative 3D animations in education, or presentation of projects for developers and architects, for example.

What is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality?

In augmented reality, the user looks around at the mobile device and sees augmented information, such as 3D models. In virtual reality, the user moves completely into 3D virtual reality with virtual glasses.