Virtual reality is alive. take your clients to a new dimension!

New virtual reality (VR) solutions are easy to use and readily available.
We specialize in creating content for a variety of virtual reality platforms.

3D displays and virtual reality glasses help you engage in a completely new virtual reality experience.

360˚ 3D animation places the viewer in the center of the scene and gives the freedom to look around.

We also provide virtual reality experiences online with 3D simulations and virtual worlds, for a different type of engagement.

  • We create content for cardboard VR glasses and VR headsets
  • Cardboard VR glasses are low cost– smartphone with gyroscope required.
  • 3D simulations to illustrate and educate.
  • View apartments, houses and commercial buildings pre-construction.
  • 360˚- and 180˚ -applications for virtual glasses.
  • Content for HTC Vive-, Oculus Rift and other VR headsets.

Blow people's minds at trade shows and impress clients with an incredible virtual experience.
Call us on 020 730 4970 and visit our office in Helsinki. Virtual reality must be experienced and seen with your own eyes.

What is virtual reality?
Virtual reality is a computer generated immersive environment, that can be interacted with using virtual glasses, a helmet or headset. The user can move around the virtual world and experience 360 degree views. The user can direct functions and participate in activities with handheld controllers, for example. Stereo sound adds authenticity and a richer experience.

Which devices can virtual reality be experienced on?
Virtual reality can be used on a smartphone with a gyroscope built-in. The phone is inserted into plastic or cardboard virtual glasses and placed over the eyes.

A better quality VR experience can be obtained using virtual reality systems, for example HTC Vive, which can be connected to a laptop computer. These systems typically include equipment and sensors that allow movement in a small space.

What can virtual reality be used for?
Virtual reality is suited for a variety of uses, for business or pleasure. It is best utilised for creating a complete 3D virtual world where the user can experience the fun and fantasy of an alternative world.

Virtual reality can be used for practical purposes as well as adding value for businesses. For example, showcasing products, services and experiences at fairs and exhibitions.

Virtual reality allows companies a presentation space to create a memorable experience for existing or potential customers. The technology can also be used to train staff and to illustrate various services and concepts.



Serve your customer a 3D virtual world experience with VR headsets. VR headsets provide the ultimate step-up from smart phone virtual reality glasses. Accompanying hardware such as handsets allow various functionality and interactivity for greater realism. Take a look around a 3D world, or room, hear the sounds in stereo, feel the effect on your senses and enjoy the freedom of using the controls to explore.

Impress potential customers at a trade show, or ask clients to visit your company premises, providing an unforgettable experience in a 3D virtual world. We develop for HTC Vive-, Oculus Rift - and other VR headsets.

Cardboard VR glasses and VR headsets for smart phones


Cardboard VR glasses are an easy and inexpensive way to provide customers with a new kind of 3D virtual experience. Easily unfold and put together the flat packed glasses, download the app, slide your smartphone inside and place to your head. Now you can look around and experiment with different functionalities inside the unit.

Cardboard VR glasses are easy to use, great to share with people and user friendly as they work with most of today’s smartphones with gyroscopes. The glasses can have customised logo printing for your branding needs. We can create customised company VR applications and we can also help company’s printing and distribution needs.

Our VR applications also work with plastic VR headsets combined with a smartphone.

Contact us today to get your own cardboard VR glasses. If you already have cardboard VR glasses, we invite you to see the assembly instruction video after which you can take a look at our house demonstration app, for example. Here, a virtual tour opens in a new window, where you will be amazed at the detail and reality around you. See the world like never before!

Customised content for virtual reality glasses

Virtual reality glasses bring new opportunities and give the viewer more freedom to watch and influence. The glasses allows you to move your head freely and explore. In addition, various functions such as room to room walk throughs allow more flexibility than glasses with fixed controls. Augmented reality with virtual reality glasses brings an extra dimension to the virtual world.

Try the examples below!

  • 360˚ 3D -animation
  • 360˚ -house viewing
  • Walk through for buildings and houses
  • Augmented reality apps
  • Games
  • Educational simulators

Virtual video showing assembly instructions for your cardboard glasses.

Property tour with virtual reality glasses. (Virtual reality glasses and a smartphone with gyroscope required)

360˚ 3D- animation for virtual glasses and computers.

Welcome to our office and experience virtual reality for yourself.

Demonstrate an apartment, house or a product in 3D!

We make 3D virtual tours of housing projects before they are even built. We can also present many different products which can assist in buying decisions and add even more competitive advantage for your company.

Help sell an apartment with your very own branded virtual demo. Explore on foot a residential area or a vast public space. You can move freely in virtual spaces, open up the roof of a home and get familiar with the different layers and layout. Rotate, zoom in and out, or change the colors. Interactivity and animation enliven the virtual model. For smaller homes, the interior is more suitable for a 360-degree view, of which can be rotated and zoomed freely.

A 3D product presentation is a convenient way to visualise your product to your customer easily and in a digestible form. You will see how the product looks from all sides, as well as the ability to interact and demonstrate the functionality.

Virtual worlds can be found on various platforms. A pocket-sized smartphone, a big screen with a game controller or a window on the website will take you to the virtual world. You can also present your products at a fair or exhibition on a big screen.

360˚ -house viewing

Rotatable 3D product presentations

Walk through for building projects or housing presentations

Build your visualization package from the pieces you need

Builder or Property developer, showcase your building project with our visualization package. Try new illustrative ways to make an impact and sell your property. As a source material, we can use 2D drawings or 3D ready-made templates. From a 3D model we can create:

  • Inside and outside images
  • 360˚- views
  • 3D- rotation
  • Virtual walkthrough
  • 3D-virtual models in augmented reality.

3D simulation for the ultimate in visualisation

A picture tells a thousand words. 3D simulations– thousands more. Interactive 3D-simulations help to visualise complex issues. They can be used for learning, training, illustration, advertising, and highlighting - without long texts and explanations. Information is easily absorbed by means of interactivity. You can share the application online, or use it internally with your company.

Mobile applications– the latest way to make an impact

Mobile applications for busy people on the move. Your phone is nearly always with you and tablet close by. Advice are specialists in producing impressive and memorable content to mobile devices for the most common operating systems–Apple iOS and Android. We make applications that are three-dimensional, functional and eye-popping.

For added reality, we create stereoscopic views, including walk-throughs and 360° spins.
See examples of our mobile applications by scanning on the QR code. Enjoy!

Stereoscopic 3D brings depth to the picture

The stereo view of virtual glasses simulate depth.
The 360˚ view delivers even more of an engaging experience. Both eyes see different images and the brain interprets them in stereo, as in real life. Try the example here on the right with virtual glasses and a smartphone.

Simply wear red and blue 3D eye glasses and view the animated sample on the left. This stereoscopic form is a basic way to view 3D.

The glasses that come with 3D TV create a more sophisticated and more realistic look. At a fair for example, it is ideal for showcasing products on a 3D TV screen to capture interest from potential customers.

Come and visit us! Grab a cup of coffee and a pair of stereo glasses and cardboard VR glasses will be here for you to try and take with you.

Experience even more with smart glasses

Augmented reality is the next generation of virtual reality. Give customers a memorable wow-effect when they use smart glasses. Experience 3D models that appear on the surface of paper when you look at, for example, posters, magazines, advertisements or other materials, with augmented reality markers. Smart glasses will create exciting new opportunities in business, industry, education and for example in medicine. Smart glasses are also perfect for training or promotional purposes.

Amaze your customers by offering an interesting and engaging experience. The possibilities are unlimited. Maybe you want to show the customer plans for a new apartment building, but space and time is limited to show floor plans. What better way to introduce a home than a detailed 3D model through the lenses of a pair of smart glasses.

Check out the functionalities, structures and details of products that are showcased. Comprehensive product presentations will provide insightful information and a new level of communication for your company. This technology has the potential to suit products with advanced technologies and add a future proof dimension to your business.