3D animation brings images to life and captivates the audience

3D animation offers fascinating opportunities and whole new worlds. Moving images capture your interest. Animation can be used to illustrate, teach and entertain.

For example, product installations can be shown beforehand or complex procedures can be simplified using 3D animation. An animated logo can also be a good way to strengthen a brand image across presentations, videos and websites.

Enable advanced 360˚ 3D animation. The viewer is in the centre of the action and is able to decide where look. Get the best experience using virtual reality glasses but you can also watch videos on your computer's Internet browser.

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  • 3D animations can help illustrate complex material
  • Videos can be shared in many channels; website, internet, YouTube...
  • Share videos on many displays easily with Wasabi Display
  • 360˚ 3D-animation to be viewed with virtual glasses

3D Animations

360˚ 3D Animations

Anaglyph 3D animations